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  • M2m, IoT, and advanced sensor networks
  • Broadband Wireless Services
  • Point-to-point distribution
  • Point-to-multipoint services
  • LTE,3G, WiMax, 802.11, and proprietary technologies
  • Wireless and networking equipment
  • Back-office integration
Assured Wireless is here to assist Wireless Product and Network Service Providers in achieving fantastic results in today's world.

We bring an expertise in wireless engineering, business resources, network management, product procurement, and finance.  This combined expertise can enable wireless service providers to free themselves such that your core business can grow with your focus on what is most important to your bottom line.

The Product Development Organization you need to get products into the market.

The wealth of experience that the Assured Wireless team offers allows you to achieve rapid and cost-effective product development and management activities that previously required a significant investment in employees, management, capital, and infrastructure. If you want to achieve outstanding results, contact us now.

Proven Experts in all aspects of Broadband and Wireless Technologies

From business strategies, system design, policy formulation, network planning, standards setting, patent formation, IP protection, and fundraising strategies to detailed hardware, ASIC, software, and mechanical packaging design through for low to high volume production, we are the team that can assist you in your business goals. 
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Management Expertise

Business Strategies
Policy Formulation 
Technology Strategies
IP Creation & Valuation
IP Protection
Business Planning
Product Management
Program Management

Technical Expertise

Project Planning
Systems Design
Hardware Design
RF Design
Software Design
Mechanical Design 

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